My Mommy

Kisses for Chloe

Loving Chloe

Cuddles are the best

Mommy and Abby
Abby is almost as big as Mommy

Me being gross (as usual) if there's going to have to be a picture of me I thought I'd have it taken in front of the cockroach exhibit (LOL)  EWWWWWW there were some in that tank as big as Volkswagens Bugs!!!!

Ok, who put the cockroaches in my purse?

Mommy's favorite picture of us
Look at how much she LOVES to read!! This little girl can be enthralled in her books with me for 2hours at a time as long as I flip her half way through and move to her other side!!! She's amazing with this attention span! 

Mommy and Abby

Two beautiful sunflowers

Mommy, Daddy, & their ChloeBuggy

3 tired girls

Mommy reads great stories