My Sister, Abby

Abby is silly, sweet, energetic and artistic.  She is very smart, sometimes TOO smart, and she is very protective of her baby sister!  :)  Abby is like Chloe: THE LOVE OF OUR LIVES!  She is 7 years old and was born on 10/27/2000.  Her full name is Abigail Nichole Brock.

Chloe and big Sissy, Abby

Aren't we two of the most beautiful girls you have ever seen?
We think so too!

Angelic Abby

Big grin!

Arguing with the soccer coach

Just one of the guys

Abby with her Kindergarten teacher at graduation..she's almost as tall as  her teacher!!

Leaning over the crib visiting baby sister Chloe on Chloe's first Easter. So sad it was in the Hospital but we made it a great day anyway!

Merry Christmas!

Abby is as big as mommy


Abby's FAVORITE pastime XBOX 360/STAR WARS BABY!!!!

Abby stealing a scooby-snack

Posing by the Pond

She's showing me how a 'Gansta' rolls (LOL) in her Cadillac Escalade w/spinners yo!

Climbing a tree

Happy Toothless Abby

Us goofing off in front of the Christmas tree this past Christmas


Here's the mouse Mommy caught for Abby

Turtle dresses from grandma Bush

On a butterfly hunt

Abby lost another tooth

Mommy and Abby

Abby the scary witch

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