I love my family very much. This is my mom and dad. Kristin Marie Linhardt and Daniel Edward Webb were married on January 1, 2000. They met a long, long time ago and love each other very much. Here are some pictures of my mom and dad on their very special day.


Shortly after my parents got married they brought home our dog, LOKI from the pound. He is my best friend and has the coldest nose. He likes to play, although he gets in trouble sometimes when he's barking and wakes me up.

Dan with Loki

Cole and Loki

My grandparents are very special to me. They welcomed me with open arms when I arrived in this world. They spoil me rotten.

My mom with Grandma and Grandpa Linhardt

My dad with Grandma and Grandpa Webb

One person that I'm blessed to know is my GREAT Grandma Triggs. She is my Grandma Webb's mom and lives in Wisconsin.

Annelle Triggs

Every family has a crazy aunt. I'm lucky enough to have three of them. They are my Godmothers and I love them very much. I also have a crazy uncle Mike and an uncle Mark.

This is my aunt missy and crazy uncle Mike.

My aunt Shannon and uncle Mark

My crazy aunt Suzanne loves me!

I am the littlest cousin. These are my older cousins.

Mackenzie Munn

Dan's Sister Shannon's daughter

Noah and Katy Newberry

Kristin's Sister Missy's children