7-04-03  This is Cole's first 4th of July.  We took these pictures in honor of Marshall Potter, who was wrapped up in a flag just like this by his wonderful mommy.


7-23-03  This is one of my favorite pictures of Cole.  It was taken on his daddy's birthday right after a bath.  He looks just like an angel in this shot.


9-13-03  I'm Tiggerrific!!


 10-2-03  Take me out to the ball game.
Take me out to the crowd.

10-31-03  Cole's 2nd Halloween.
Our little Cat in the hat.


11-3-03  Do you bleed blue.  Let's go Blues


11-9-03  Friends on a stick!!  What a fun game!


11-15-03  I'm getting so big.  Mommy and daddy cannot believe how much I have grown.


11-20-03  Going to work in Dadda's tie!!  I think that I will work in public relations.  Will you hire me??

12-3-03  My 2 boys waiting for Santa.  Can we have some presents please??  We've been GOOD!!


12-13-03  Since I cannot make a real snowman outside, I'll just have to settle for a stuffed one.


2-14-03  Lighting a candle in memory of all the angels that have gone to heaven and for all the angels here on earth who are sick.


12-25-03  Merry Christmas 2003.   My 2nd Christmas.