2-07-04  Which one is the monkey??  Mommy and daddy love you monkey boy.


2-07-04  Sweet!!


2-11-04  My little Valentines day cupid.


2-12-04  Getting ready to go to the doctor.  NOT happy about wearing this hat!!  Take it OFF mom!!!




02-14-04  Happy Valentines Sweet Baby Cole


02-16-04  Can we build it?  Yes we CAN!!  Daddy wanted some manly man pictures taken.  Too many hearts and flowers lately!


02-17-04  I love my new jammies!!


03-04-04  Check out my new Veggie tales HAT!!  Aren't I the Coolest!!


03-08-04  Hold the Onions . . . PLEASE!!!!


3-19-04  I'm not Irish, but I would love a KISS!!


3-23-04  We thought about sending this picutre to PETA but they don't have a sense of humor.  Save the Veggies!!!!!!   Eat Beef!!


3-30-04  Look Grammie !!  BUNNIES!!


4-8-04  Sleep sweet angel.



Easter 2004.  Cole received a very special visitor from Target today.  The EASTER BUNNY!!   They brought props and cameras and although Cole was not feeling very well, it was a very special day we will remember forever.


4-16-04  Rad in Plaid!


4-23-04  Cole was the Honorary Ring bearer in his Aunt Suzanne's wedding.  Although he was unable to attend physically, he was there in the hearts of all who attended.


05--5-04  Cince de Mayo  Where's my margarita??????