Courtney and Kendall were up and dressed early and waiting in the living room for the Easter Bunny. We were talking and Kendall turned around to look out the bay window and pointed and said look! There was the 6 ft. tall Easter Bunny in our front yard hiding eggs! Kendall held her finger to her lips telling us to shhhh..., I think she thought if we made any noise the Bunny might run away or she thought we were not supposed to be watching. When the bunny finished she came inside and got the girls to go outside to hunt for the eggs. Afterward the Bunny stayed for hugs and pictures, what a treasured memory this will always be. How many kids get to look out the window and see the Easter Bunny (for real) at their home on Easter morning?

This was the 3rd Easter in a row that Courtney has been blessed to have her own Easter Bunny on Easter morning! The story began when Courtney was in the hospital (for three weeks) for her 3rd birthday and Easter, the time the surgeon punctured her lung trying to start a central line. A day or two before Easter, I (always believing in miracles) called a mall near to where we live to talk to the Easter Bunny. There, helping out that day was Ruth Johnson, she was the Easter Bunny "helper" from way on the other side of Houston, she answered my call. I told her about our precious princess, about her illness and being in the hospital for Easter and she happily volunteered to bring the Easter Bunny out to the hospital to visit Courtney on Easter morning. The Bunny even went to visit the other sick children on the floor, it was great seeing them so surprised and the wonderful smiles on their little faces. After the Easter Bunny left, Ruthie (she changed out of the costume) stayed for a long visit with Courtney. Ruthie once again brought the Easter Bunny to visit Courtney last year at our home, again staying to visit afterward with our family, building a very special friendship. Ruthie is one of our hero's, she was only 19 years old when we first met. She is busy with school and work but ALWAYS makes time to bring the Easter Bunny to visit Courtney even though she has to travel for 45 minutes. How amazing it is to see a person so young commit to doing something so special for a child. As I always say, God is so good to us, he sends such wonderful people in to our lives. We are so blessed!