God has blessed us with another wonderful adventure for Courtney to add to her little book of life. On Tuesday January 13, 2009 I called a local bowling center,Alpha Lanes to inquire about all the usual things I have to ask about in order to take Courtney out any where. I spoke with the manager, a wonderful lady named Debbie who, after I told her about Courtney having SMA and all her special requirements she said she would be honored to have Courtney visit her bowling center. I was concerned though because she told me there would be some leagues playing there that evening. It is not good to take Courtney out where there is a large crowd of people indoors. I then called the Clear Lake Lanes Bowling Center and spoke with Shaun. He told me there were no leagues playing there on that evening so I decided this might be a better choice for Courtney's safety against catching the flu or RSV. I called Debbie back to let her know about my decision and she totally understood, she wanted what is best for Courtney.

This was going to be our second Girls Night Out with Tania. This time she brought her younger sister Thalia to join us. As we arrived at the center and opened the door there was a sign saying "Welcome Courtney". I said could this be for our Courtney? I couldn't believe how nice these people were to greet Courtney like this. As we entered we met the manager Mike and also met Shaun. They had already saved an area off to the side with two lanes just for us. There were balloons placed all around our area for Courtney, I rolled her around and let her touch each balloon string and helped her hold it. All the girls went to get their shoes and returned to start bowling. Mike and Shaun walked up to us and wanted to present Courtney with something so she could always remember her bowling day. They gave Courtney a very special bowling ball, a Puss in Boots ball from the movie Shrek, they also gave both Courtney and Kendall AMF bowling t-shirts. I was almost to cry, not believing how kind these people were. I spoke a little with Mike getting to know him a little better. In that short time I came to realize that he was a sincere, caring person who truly was thrilled to have Courtney there. He and Shaun kept coming back to see if we needed anything. This evening turned out to be so wonderful and we found out that Courtney loves to bowl! She was smiling as Candace held her little hand and helped her to push the ball down the guard. We would clap and yell for her even if the ball went in the gutter, saying good job Courtney. She loved it! I think we will definitely have to take Courtney bowling again. I will never forget how generous Mike and Shaun were, nor the smiles on Courtney's face.

After we left the bowling center we decided to all go out to eat. We hardly ever do this anymore. We went to the Olive Garden nearby, it was pretty busy and we were told it could take up to thirty minutes to get a table with a place for Courtney to be away from everyone. But once again God blessed us and within ten minutes we were escorted to a large table set off to the side all by its self, perfect for Courtney. We had a wonderful server named Brandon, the best server I have ever had before. He was so friendly and attended to all our needs, he was perfect. Since this was the 13th day of the month, Courtney's birthday date each month, I asked Brandon if they could sing Happy Birthday to Courtney. They sang and it was wonderful.

Later that evening after we arrived home, Courtney started to gag and throw up, we had to take her to the ER just after midnight. As the ambulance was pulling up to the hospital like so many times before, fear took hold of me. I silently thanked God for our wonderful Girls Night Out, for Mike, Shaun and Brandon. I also prayed, please Lord don't let this be the time that you take our angel back to heaven. Just a little more time..

Courtney had IV fluids for several hours and then we were allowed to take her home, trying to keep her from being exposed to so many illnesses that she could get at the hospital. She had another day on Friday of being sick by we were able to handle it at home this time.
Courtney will be having her 6th Miracle Birthday celebration on April 13th.