On Saturday, August 16, Princess Courtney had another wonderful adventure. She was a Supermodel for a day! Ms. Djuana Oxford invited Courtney to participate in the Pasadena Town Square Mall back to school fashion show. With the help of four strong volunteers, Courtney was lifted up on the stage. Ms. Djuana announced Courtney's name, gave a brief description of what she was wearing and told the audience what Courtney hopes to be someday. Earlier as I was filling out the paperwork I come to the question asking what Courtney hopes to be some day. We all know the answer but I was worried knowing Candace would not like the answer. Candace would love it if I could write that Courtney would like to be a ballerina, a model or anything girly. Candace frowned and told me to write the truth. So when Courtney was on stage Ms. Djuana announced that in Courtney's little heart if she could she would be a firefighter!