3 Year Pictures
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Visit with MJ & Brenda


Giving MJ a fan of fresh air

Now I need fresh air

I'm taking MJ's picture

Aren't I a great photographer!?!?

Ready to go play ball

I took MJ to the "COLD ROOM"

Grabbing a quick one for the road

MJ needed more since she is older

Look at all the pretty colored drinks

Put me in Coach, I'm ready to play!!

Hit it hard mommy!

We won!!

I played really hard today

Telling my teacher all about the game

I love my teacher

Hanging out with MJ

Time to feed the birds

Laying on MJ's tray - it was quite comfy!

Mommy, MJ, and I

Mommy, Daddy, MJ, and I

Mommy, MJ, Brenda, and I

Video Montage of
our visit!


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