David's Photos 2!

I love Daddy.jpg (54498 bytes)

I love my Daddy!


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Mr. Dignified!.jpg (84830 bytes)

Mr. Dignified!


Mommy is SO funny.jpg (85734 bytes)

Mommy is SO funny!


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with Mom and Dad.jpg (102930 bytes)

With Mom & Dad


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With Grandma Dorothy.jpg (89722 bytes)

With Grandma Dorothy


Grpa Joe  Grma Carolyn.jpg (28987 bytes)

Grandpa Joe & Grandma Carolyn

The last day.jpg (68771 bytes)

The Last Day


08_05a.jpg (30765 bytes)


These pictures are not the way we wish to remember our son, but maybe their shocking nature will make others realize the brutality of this disease and incite them to fight it.