Dimming Memories 
By Lisa Sculley 1998

Time slowly passes
Through our fingertips
At lightning speed......
And so slow
We can count
The ticks on the clock.

The passing of a year
Brings remembrance,
Cloudy.... Half seen....
Muted with time...
And sometimes
Clear as a bell.

The fading of memory
Once clear and bright,
Now slips in and out of sight,
Tempting, teasing
And running away,
As time passes, night into day.

Year slips into year
And your time seems
So long ago,
Memories that once sparkled,
Only flicker,
Dim afterglow.

And yet softly,
Unexpectedly they come
Not in order,
At least not one that makes sense,
And whisper, softly sweetly,
I love you...........