A Friendly Angel
By: DeAnna Carter

I have a friendly angel that lives here with me,
She's about as friendly as an angel can be.
She watches o'er my footsteps and guides me down the path,
That is best for me to go, to avoid God's wrath!
She loves to be warm and cozy and comfortable it seems,
She even likes to watch TV and be part of my dreams.
She's sometimes loud and noisey in the middle of the night,
Strange sounds we hear, we can't explain, when she comes 'round at night.
She protects this household from unseen dangers I know,
She's always there to help me out, when 'er I'm feeling low.
She goes with me in my car, on trips wherever I go,
I always take her with me, she's there, this I know!
Now some of you may think I'm really out in the cold!
Others may say, she sure sounds mighty bold!
But, consider it from my point of view, if you take the time,
Wouldn't you rather have an Angel, than think you're losing your