Age Four Pictures
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Opening birthday presents from Sky & Sheila. Wow, I can make my own princess wand now!

Princess pens!

A Princess play mat


Thanks for all my princess gifts! I love everything!

Look at the wand I made!

This picture of us was in the Daily Reflector for our 2008 CMN Interview

This telethon business is tiring.

Waiting to be on the telethon

I am really tired of waiting

I am much happier now that that I have a new bear

I am Mama's Princess

Emma was so happy when she got home from school and I had her bunny inside. I doubt Flopsy liked this small cage,
but at least she was cool.

Emma wanted her picture taken with Flopsy

Big cheeses

Blowing kisses

Emma with her cousin Damien having fun watching the 4th of July fireworks.

My silly girl with her new short hair.

Whaz up?!

My silly hair after rolling around on the floor

Swimming by myself for the first time ever! My new head float is so great!

I am so proud of myself!

Having fun.

Hanging out with cousin Lucky


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