Age Four Pictures
Page 9 - Christmas 2008


Smiling up at Momma

Getting my present from Santa

Can I open it?

Sitting with Santa

OOO! It's a coloring book!

Sitting with best friend!

A cool gift from my RT, Mr. Danny

Using my new markers

Gifts from my Dad's family

My Pet Shop Book

I love my purple bunny

Having fun with my cousin Damien

Presents at Granddaddy and Mimi's

Lots of gifts for me - guess I was really good this year

Can you find me under my presents

I Love Christmas

What is in this bag down here?


I got a new beautiful coat

Looking angelic

Walking with Aunt Shannon

Mommy and Aunt Shannon

Buddy looking at my presents from Santa

Look what Santa brought me

I Love my Elmo Live

Anyone for tea...I got a musical tea set?

A cool Bratz t-shirt

Pretty Pretty Princess Dress-Up Game

I'm Cinderella

I'm cracking myself up

Posing like Cinderella

Choo Woo - Here comes the train

Me and my friend, Jamie

Friends Forever


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