Age Five Pictures
Page 4


Lost my tooth

Look at my tooth that I lost

Look at my tooth fairy box

First day of Kindergarten

No more pictures, mom

Just remember, I'm the boss

At my school

My new desk at school

Ready to work

I'm a butterfly

Got my face painted

Feeding the goats

Feeding them all by myself

Having fun at Briley's Farm

I love the little chicks

Look at me - I'm the bus driver

Beep, beep

One tired little ghost

I'm a pretty horse

I found my pumpkin

Look at the pretty flowers

Beautiful butterfly

Home after a fun day

On the ferris wheel

Sitting now with Shannon

Riding on the carousel

I do not like Dumbo mom, let's get off, NOW!

Are we done yet???

I'm a fancy girl...

with a devilish grin


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