Age Six Pictures
Page 7


I got twinkle toes

Look at my shoes

At Fill the boot

My new powerchair....LOL

Look, a bald Cindarella

My new dress???

Modeling with Aunt Shannon

Do you like my new dress

At Jon & Kim's wedding

Dancing with Kim

More dancing

Aunt Shannon and I

Dancing with Jon

Dancing with Allan

I caught the bouquet

I guess it is my turn to get married

My first day of 1st grade

Mommy and I at school

Ready for picture day at school

I don't have to wear the school uniform, hooray!!

Posing for mommy

Off to school

Pretty pose

Happy Birthday dad

Make a wish dad!

On the ferris wheel with momma

On the carousel

With Misty on the rides

On the worm ride

In the mirror maze


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