My Dad, Hugo
page 2

Enna and I

Watching with movie

Sleepy time

I got "whipped" by mommy

Cuddles and kisses

I love my daughter, Enna

Sleeping with Enna's prayer blanket

I'm still awake daddy...

Happy Birthday

Time to make the pumpkins scary

The pumpkins are finished

Doing Enna's nails

Evening cuddle time

Christmas 2009

At the hospital with Enna

gifted moments with Enna

Getting better doing Enna's nails

Helping grandma make Enna's cake

Kisses for Enna

Birthday family photo

Ready for Caleb

Eskimo kisses

My littlest, Caleb

Snuggling with daddy

Pirate hugs

Male bonding time

Mommy, Enna, Caleb and I

Precious kisses from Enna

Enna is laughing at Caleb

Dawson and I and our dog Chelsea

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