My Mom, Lisa

Birthday kisses

Birthday family photo

16 weeks and counting

29 weeks and counting

Holding baby Caleb

Kissing my littlest one

With grandma and Caleb

Aaarrrr, mateys

Watching Caleb sleep

Daddy, Caleb, Enna and I

Morning cuddles

Cuddle time

What are we doing

We got a picture of us together

Playing with the camera

All together



If I'm not with Enna, Chelsea and I are in bed writing...I'm writing, not Chelsea

Chelsea hugs

Hugs from Enna

Enna and I

Family photo

Daddy, me, and Mommy

Caleb's ornament

Just the three of us

Lisa and I

Snuggles with mom

Sponge painting

Mother to daughter moment

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