Mom couldn't decide on one dress/outfit for me for Christmas. Her and Marmee had a lot of fun shopping for all the different ones though.




I got a puppy for Christmas.  She was a gift from mom,        I had a Secret Santa exchange with my SMA 

dad, Marmee and Avus.  We named her Hope Noel.            friends.  Look at the great things my Secret 

She's my Hope.                                                                        Santa, Brett, sent me.




Here's  Avus trying to show me how to play the banjo.        Here's my BoohBah from Marmee. Mom 

                                                                                                 doesn't like him much, but I think he's funny.



Here's my stocking Santa left for me at my home.                 Here's mom and me on Christmas  Eve.




Here I am at Marmee's ready to open gifts!!                        Here's Uncle Regan with his dog, Kharma, 

                                                                                                and Cousin Chris, otherwise known as Edgy.



Here I am with Daddy, Mommy, Hope and Uncle Ryan.        Here I am with Cousin Karie. She's         

                                                                                                    Giuliano's mom.




Here's Cousin Giuliano. He's a cutie!!                                And here he is with me, Hope and Jami, my 

                                                                                                    Great Aunt



I went to Scottish Rite in December and they had a big

party. I got to meet the Nutcracker and the Princess from

the Nutcracker ballet. It was neat, too bad I was so tired.




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