Here's My Daddy's Family




His mom, my Gran. She's great!!                                         Here's his dad, my Grandpa - he lives in Temple.

                                                                                            I wish he were closer.


Here's Gran and my PaPaw. I'm so lucky to have him            Here's Gran's parents - Nanny and PaPa. They live

in my life. They got married April 2, 2005.                            in Belton. I wish they were closer too.



Here's me and my Uncle Chris. He's so handsome.            Here's me and my Great-Grandma, Granpa's mom.




Here's my Uncle Mike and Aunt Elissa. They got        And here I am with my Uncle Doug. No, I am NOT wearing

married February 26, 2005.                                        an A&M shirt - It's M.I.T!