Here is Mom's Family


This is her dad, my Avus (that's Latin for Grandfather)                     And her mom, my Marmee



Here's mom's brothers, my uncles Ryan, Regan and Aaron        Here's Regan with his wife, my wonderful aunt



         Uncle Aaron and his wife Mandi                                          This is mom's cousin Chris, I call him cousin




Here's Great Aunt Miriam. She's Avus' sister        And here's Avus' brother with his wife and kids. They live in

                                                                                Maryland. Elizabeth, Tristan, George, Kieran and Graham.


Here's cousin Karie with her son Giuliano and her husband Giuseppe. He's from Italy!


Then there's family that there is no blood relation, but have been such a big part of mom's life she considers them family

Mike and Arlene are like 2nd parents to her.  She's worked for/with them since she was 16.


This is Mike's mom, Della. She's like mom's grandma.            And this is Grandpa Burton. I'm so lucky to have him.