In September of 2004 we went to Houston. I got to go to the aquarium, which I loved!! And to my first major league baseball game - Astros vs Reds. Dad's an Astros fan and mom's a Reds fan. What's a girl to do?


Here I am with Mommy and Daddy outside the             Here I am with my Avus




Mommy and I are checking out the fish                            Look at all the pretty fish!



Daddy likes to look at the fish with me too                        I'm ready for my deep sea expedition



Here's my first meeting of a horse. No, he wasn't            Swing batter batter batter, swing batter, swing!!

at the aquarium - we were on the way to the baseball

game. :)


Here's the view from our hotel. That's the stadium where      And what vacation would be complete without some

the game was.                                                                    chill time with dad!