Earl, Gloria, Annemarie and Maura  - We got to spend a lot of time with the family. It was great!  They're house and area they live is beautiful!!!  There are some pictures of the surrounding area and of the family.

On Wednesday when we got in, Annemarie had pictures and rehearsal for her Dance Recital so we got to go watch - which included Earl as Elvis. And, they were short an Elvis so Keven got to fill in. :)

The next evening they took us to the park at Lake Stevens - about a mile from their house. It was so beautiful. And since they were having record highs it was warm enough to get in the water.

Seattle  -  On Thursday we went into Seattle.  We went down to Pike Place Market. This was awesome and all the fruit and vegetables looked so good!  This is also the fish market where they throw the fish.  We didn't get to see any of that, but we certainly smelled it. It was really neat. There are also a lot of photos of the view from where we were.

We also went down to Pioneer Square, the more historic part of Seattle, and walked around a bit. It was so pretty. Then we went back to the aquarium and saw a movie on Mount St. Helen's on the IMAX.  That day Grace got to ride on the Metro and in a Trolley. So many new experiences for her!

Friday we went to Canada.

Bridal Veil Falls - This was one of the places we visited in Canada.  It is located in Harrison, Canada and was absolutely beautiful!!! We hiked up the side a little and got as close to the falls as we could. 

Minter Gardens - This is also in Harrison, Canada.  All the flowers were so beautiful! It was early in the season so they weren't in full bloom, but they were still gorgeous. Grace loved being outside and looking at all the colors! Who knew Snow White lived in Canada?

Stanley Park - This is a park in Vancouver that we went to. It is huge and we only went to part. There are some pictures of the view of Vancouver and of the Totem Poles that we saw in the park.  You could spend at least 2 days in this park alone! It's gorgeous there!

Vancouver - Vancouver is a really big city.  I guess I had never really thought about it, but was suprised it was so big. We didn't spend any time in the actual city part - just drove through to Stanley Park.

Woodland Park Zoo - This is where we wrapped up our trip.  Saturday morning we went down to the zoo with the family. It is a very nice zoo and we got to see a lot of animals.  Unfortunately we had to cut our time there a little short as Grace was running a fever and quite tired.  I'd love to go back and see the rest sometime.