Hi! I am Grace Dyan Coggin.  I am the most beautiful, special and 

                                                            wonderful little girl in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD. At least that's what my

                                                            mom and dad say. 


                                                                When my parents found out they were pregnant it was the greatest news 

                                                            ever!!! They were so ready to share their lives and love with someone 

                                                            special.  Daddy really wanted a girl - to be Daddy's Little Girl.  When he 

                                                            found out I was a girl - he didn't know what to do. He never thought he 

                                                            would get a girl.  Between mom and dad's family there are 6 boys and 1 girl.

                                                            The next 9 months were wonderful for them both.  Well, ok, maybe there

                                                            were a few non-wonderful times for mom, but all worth it!!  I'm the first

                                                            grandchild on both sids of the family so they got plenty of spoiling waiting for   

                                                            me.  They were just practicing - now I get all the spoiling!


                                                                I taught mom I was going to be difficult, just like her, by not wanting to 

                                                            come out.  She was put in the hospital for a week on bed rest because her

                                                            blood pressure was too high, and she was swollen.  They decided to induce

                                                            her, but I just wasn't ready to see her yet.  I'm stubborn like my mommy. 

                                                            After 12 hours of labor the Doctors decided to do a C-section. I was finally

                                                            born at 5:17,Wednesday, March 3, 2004.    


                                                                Mom and dad were beside themselves.  Mom really was until the drugs

                                                            wore off.  I was finally here and they were in heaven! Their beautiful, 

                                                            precious, angelic, little gift from God was finally here!


                                                                The next few months were wonderful!  I got to stay home with mommy a

                                                            lot.  Then when she went back to work for awhile I got to spend lots of time

                                                            with daddy.  The best of both worlds.  But then around 4 months everyone

                                                            began to worry.  I wasn't doing all that I should - physically anyways.  We

                                                            went and saw a Physical Therapist and they agreed that something was not

                                                            right.  So, we started doing therapy twice a week.  They recommended we

                                                            see a Neurologist.


                                                                Luckily PaPaw is a great doctor and got me an appointment fast!  He

                                                            even camein on his day off to oversee my MRI.  I'm so lucky to have him!

                                                            The MRI was not fun!  They had to give me medicine and poke me and

                                                            there were needles...YUCK!! But, I made it through! I'm a tough little girl.

                                                            Well, the MRI looked great but we had to wait for blood results. 


                                                                August 30, 2004.  That's when mommy and daddy got the news.  That's 

                                                            when their worlds came shattering down around them.  The news that I have

                                                            SMA - Spinal Muscular Atrophy.  Here they were with all these hopes and

                                                            dreams for me and they were being told I probably wouldn't live to see my

                                                            2nd birthday.  I don't know how they kept functioning after that. They were

                                                            devestated!  The next few days all passed in a whirl and a blur.  Lots of 

                                                            people came to visit and sent cards, flowers and balloons.  That was nice of 

                                                            them.  Mommy and Daddy are so lucky to have so many people that care

                                                            about them.  And I am too!!!


                                                                Dr. Kane, my neurologist, sent us to Scottish Rite in Dallas.  We have met

                                                            some really wonderful people up there.  They are a lot more positive and 

                                                            hopeful than some others have been.  Mommy and Daddy still hurt....But,

                                                            they know the most important thing is just to love me.  I'm here now and 

                                                            that's what they have to focus on.  I'm so happy all the time too - that helps

                                                            them a lot.  And, I'm not in any pain - except with those blood draws - but     

                                                            that's it.  They still don't like to face reality - who would?!  But they are doing

                                                            their best to focus on the here, the now and most of all ME!!!


                                                                Enjoy the rest of my website.  Look at all the pictures of all the people I 

                                                            am so blessed to have in my life. This isn't even all of them.  Be sure to click    

                                                            on my Friends and Links to learn more about SMA!