Three Year Photos!
Disney World


Hanging at GKTW, chillin in the water


Us girls had never been to a beach before!

Gracee wanted to feel the sand on her feet too

Hanging out on the beach

The water was sooo cold!

Lookin for shells

The picture doesn't tell all in this one.
When Gracee saw Dora, well let's just say that I have never seen her face change so much!

The Simpson's

Try takin those off her and you will be in for it!

Being Silly

Meeting Barney

Barney, Lindsey, & Me

Pretty Princess

Universal Studios

Ellen was taping part of her show that day, and part the next crazy!

Goodnight Gracee

Goodnight Lindsey

Mayor Clayton coming to tuck the girls in

Jo Jo and Goliath

Handy Manny

June from Little Einsteins

Quincy from Little Einsteins
Gracee really liked him

Beauty and the Beast show, was the best show we saw!


Gracee got to ride this ride twice, it spun you pretty fast, and she laughed and laughed, cried everytime we stopped

Very nice guy on the ride who went way out of his way to help us everytime we were there

Can we go again?

Snuggles with Daddy