Age Four
Page 2


Lovin from Dad

Wall E Birthday Cake

Ashlyn loving on me


Someone loves me

So adorable together

Gift time

Outfit from Aunt Dana

A card

Getting some help

Gift from Grandma Jan

Monogramed bibs

What is it?

Daddy's Caddy shirt from Grandma

My golfing shirt! Now I can go with Daddy

Look, look! My gift from the Loera family


A basketball outfit too

Awesome shirt

Going out

Katy & Ashlyn

Aunt Dana

Ashlyn pushing me

Walking with Katy

Awwww, friends

Uh oh! They are fighting over me! Relax, girls, there is enough Gav-Man to go around

Givin Mommy some lovin

With Ashy

Cake time!

Yum, frosting!


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