Age Five
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I'm "toe" talented

Art time

Using the hoyer to paint

Time for my hands to get to work


Toe painting

Big Red

My first abstract artwork

My biography
(click on the picture to enlarge the bio so you can read it with ease)

My painting for the
Getty Owl Art Auction

My artwork

For Getty

Studs-Magoo looking handsome for his first day! 8-26-2011

What a big boy now! I'm so proud.=) 8-26-2011

New haircut too! I tried my best and it took the vaccumn and a lint brush to get all the hair off.

Planking for Eli

Our family on Labor day! 9-5-2011

Being handsome=)

Dr. Professor Gavin!!!

The good Dr. was fogging up his lens and that's no way to run a practice!

Mm-hmmm. I see the problem. There appears to be a rather large boogie in your cranial cavity. Interesting....

Doggy needs cpt and boogie removal STAT!

7-10 days of doggie biscuits and chapstick.


New beta on the left


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