Age 5
Birthday Trip to Disney World


Guess where I am at?

At Disney with Pluto

Joey...You are too funny

Telling Pluto a new joke

Hey, you have my stuffed animal

Hiding with Dale

Here we are

Guess what we are

Farmer Mickey

Kissing Mickey's nose

Playing with Chip

Bye Chip

Look at the beautiful tree

In front of Rafiki

Ready to go again

Please recycle, but don't recycle me...

Flirting with Pocahontas

She is soooo beautiful

Jimmy Cricket

Telling a story

The Tree of is huge

Do you think it will eat us...

He is looking at us

On the plane

Can I have one at home...

Please, please, please mama

On the train ride

See, he wants to come home with me

How about the tiger

Main Street Disney

He is getting me wet

Silly faces with Chip

Cinderella's Castle

Sea life


Thumbs up for fun

Posing for the camera

Upside down

Part kid...part monkey

Just a sack of potatoes

It is Goofy...nope, just Joey!

Tired and silly

Look!  It's a turtle! 

Walt Disney World presents


Good-bye Mickey!


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