Age 6
Page 4 - Make a Wish


We are here!

Our Villa

Matthew's Boundless Playground

We are in a sundae bowl

UncleGene, Memiere, Dad, Aunty Paula, Me, Mommy, & Elisa

Mommy and Aunty on the train

Getting kisses

Me with Pluto and Elisa

I'm so popular

Daddy, Mommy Goofy, Me, & Elisa

Making my magic pillow

On our way to Kennedy Space Center

With an astronaut


The Explorer



At Magic Kingdom with my family

I lost another tooth

Riding Dumbo and Aunty Paula

Uncle Gene and I making apple faces

Jiminy Cricket and I

Look, hanging out with Safari Joey

Ready for the safari ride

Aunty Paula, Rafiki, Mommy and I

At Epcot Center


My girlfriend, Cinderella

At lunch with Memiere and Mommy

Hugs from my Fairy Godmother

Elisa by the seals


Feeding the dolphins

Watching Elisa

Blowing bubbles

I'm feeding the dolphins

Sitting in the plane cockpit


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