Age 8
Camp Harkness


Our new donated van

Jackson saying good bye to MJ

Mom and MJ

Emma with Jackson

Jackson coming down the slide


Playing video games


Dad pushing mom on the swing

On the way to the beach

Being goofy

Well, you see, in order for ...

Say what???

Hey there...

This piece, you see, connects to the top piece

By using that other piece, you can't get this shape

Just singing a song


Gatorade bottle or chin rest


Hmmm, wonder what that is?


Here's looking at you, babe!


I'm bored...

Am I ruggedly handsome or what?

Posing or cheesing

And again...

Hmmm, what shall we do next.

In a beach chair

Oh dear!?!


Lectures by the Professor

Mr. Professor is thinking, shhhh


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