8 - 9 Year Photos!


Merry Christmas! 2006

Happy 8th Birthday to...ME!

Josh the red-nosed reindeer

Daniel, Mommy, and I


Dad and I after my First Communion

Very proud of my First Communion

Me & my friend, Marley, in Boston for the
FSMA conference June 2008

A meeting of great minds - June 2008

Ready for my first day of 4th grade - August 2008

Josh and friends from school Hat Day
for SMA April of 2008

Playing with Daniel - September 2008

We're a scary crew, huh?

Doing wrestling moves, with Daddy,
in the brand new ceiling lift

MDA's Breakfast with Santa

Look! I got Hot Wheels!

SNOW! November 2008

With Congress Woman Rosa DeLauro.
We met with her to ask for her support for
the SMA Acceleration Treatment Act.
April of 2008.





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