Kate's Place!

Long Lake, Harrison, Maine
A vacation home for families affected by Spinal Muscular Atrophy

Kate has Type III SMA.  Her favorite place in the world to have fun and be a kid is at her Grammy and Grampy’s home on Long Lake in Harrison, Maine.  Lucky for Kate (and you too), Grammy and Grampy actually own two homes on the lake and one of them is fairly wheelchair accessible.  Last summer Kate’s grandparents, Butch and Sue, invited three families to each spend a week at this vacation home – FREE OF CHARGE!  Butch and Sue understand that families with children having SMA and those who have lost children to SMA live a more complicated, stressful life than SMA-free families.  They decided that one way they could help is to give families a place to unwind and enjoy some good family time. Most of all, they wanted to see families and kids make some good memories.


Flying at Kate's Place - Summer 2005

Posing by the plane at Kate's Place - Summer 2005

Sitting by the water at Kate's Place - Summer 2005

Riding with Dad - Summer 2005

With Dad at Kate's Place - Summer 2005

Our Family - Dad, My Brother, Mom, and I at Kate's Place - Summer 2005

My brother, Daniel, at Kate's Place - Summer 2005





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