Puppy Training Camp!

As most of you know, Dad, Mom, and I have spent two weeks in Long Island at Team Training for Canine Companions For Independence. I am now the proud owner of a two-year-old yellow lab/golden retriever mix service dog.  His name is Ager.  (Pronounced like the word "age" with an "r" on the end.  Ager is named after the Southeast regional director of CCI.)

These past two weeks were truly amazing.  Team Training was a lot of hard work and a lot of fun.  We met many new friends and formed new friendships. 

Ager and I are already bonding.  Ager is able to pick up items that I dropped.  Ager can retrieve my backpack, as well as tug my socks off.  He can open doors for me, and most of all, Ager provides unconditional love and support for me. 

Everyone at CCI was truly amazing -- the puppy raisers, the instructors, the volunteers, the other teams in training.    We feel honored to say that we are CCI graduates.   


Look at Ager, isn't he wonderful!

Ager, taking a rest.

Working at the store!

Out for a walk with dad.

All tired out from a long day of work!