Liam In the News

Local boys rocks out with Vince Neil of Motely Crue

Melissa Hamelin, Editor
Wednesday April 25, 2007

Eight year-old Liam Harapchuk learned that wishes do come true when he got to meet his idol Vince Neil from Motley Crue last December.
Liam has been a fan since he was a preschooler; when most kids his age were listening to Barney or the Mini Pops, Liam was rocking out to his favorite song: “Smokin’ in the boys room”.
Every Halloween, while other kids choose to dress up as vampires or ghouls, Liam always chose to dress up like s different Motley Crue member.
His love for the band was so strong that when the band visited Edmonton last December his mother called a rock radio station to try to arrange for Liam to meet the band. The radio station was unable to help but suggested she contact Motley Crue’s label.

Liam’s mother wrote a letter to the label and explained that Liam, who suffered from cancer when he was younger, had been offered to have a wish granted from the Make-a-Wish Foundation a while back. Although meeting Motley Crue was his first choice, he was talked into going to Disneyland instead as the meeting would probably only take 15 minutes but the trip would be a week of fun. Although Liam had decided to go on the trip he still always talked about meeting Vince Neil.
When Vince Neil heard Liam’s story he decided that he needed to “meet that kid” and the rest is history!
Vince had a daughter that died of cancer at eight years old and was touched by Liam’s story of beating cancer and enjoying great music as he did it!
The meeting took place in December and the boys had an awesome time talking about music, bands, Liam’s choice of Halloween costume and they even sang together! Liam was also able to meet with Nikki Sixx.
One little letter was able to make an eight year old’s dream come true. You can count on Liam’s mom getting a great Mother’s Day present this year!