Halloween Pictures 



Our favorite little witch!

Happy Halloween!

Liam is 5 (the Hulk) and Kaitlyn is 1 (the witch)


Liam is 6 and a rockstar

Kaitlyn is 2 and a princess



Kaitlyn is 3 and dressed as a princess

Liam is 7 and dressed as Terry Fox


Kaitlyn the fairy princess

Liam is 8 dressed as Tommy Lee and Kaitlyn is 4 dressed as fairy princess

Tommy Lee? Nope, it's his mini look a like, Liam

Dora the Explorer dressed as Kaitlyn...oops the other way around!


Kaitlyn is 5 and dressed a Bratz Cat

She was in the ICU with her area all decorated

Liam is 9 and dressed as Harry Potter


Liam is 10 and dressed as Buckcherry

Rock on

Kaitlyn is 6 and dressed Hawaiian Girl

The whole costume

2 rockers and a Hawaiian girl
aka Liam, Mom, & Kaitlyn

Dad's Halloween costume