Age Four Photos

Mom says this is a donkey but I think it looks like a little horse

At the FSMA Skate Party

Hanging out with Roman and Dani

I'm a little bumblebee

My beehive


All bumblebee, even full of honey

Trick or Treat

Hanging out with Roman

Outside enjoying the weather with IO

IO playing in the leaves

I love the leaves

 Christmas 2011

Alyssa and I

Santa came to visit our house

What do I say to him?

Santa read us a story

I love Santa Claus....when can he come back?

Christmas 2011 with our Fox-Dog

It took almost 5 years, but today Karah played in the snow! Her getting ready!

loaded in the sled

Karah's FAV thing to do... she hangs OFF her bed which is 45" H .. thats even better!