Birth to Six Months
Page 3

Good morning!

So happy in the morning!

With Cindy

She is knocked out!

Put ice cream on the binkie, was trying to catch the huge smile but wasn't fast enough!

I said "mama loves you Kaylynn"
 I swear she tried to say it back. This is her "oooh" face

Shopping at Wal-Mart

This was the best one of both of us because we were both looking at the camera...wish she would have been smiling though..

Thanks to Aunt Stacey! Momma's never ever had a tie-dye but Kaylynn gets one at 3 months

3 month photo

This is the only one of her smiling out of over 100 pix they took, and she isn't even looking at the camera! But it is darling!

All smiles

Today, I'm 118 days old

So full, I passed out

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