3 Years Old
Page 10

I love being up

Happy Father's Day, Papi

At the park with Ms. Louise

I'm super cool

Here geesey, geesey!!

I love geese! Especially the babies.

Nope, I'm not ready for bed!

My OT, Desirae.

Medusa? No, I just need a little haircut!

Mommy says I'm just too cute

I'm ready to get my very own power chair, but they said I have to wait for 2 more trials.

Mommy's Star

Papi in the T-shirt I made just for him for Father's Day

So happy!

Ready for the 4th of July
When are the fireworks?

I'm berry happy

Fishing with Aunt Laura & Will

Is it MY turn yet???

Are you done playing, Will?


Happy together

Learning to spell my name
L-E-A-H spells me!

At the park with Aunt Laura

Watching Will swing