3 Years Old
Page 15

the three muskateers

my crew!!

Me and Andrew loungin

eating ice cream and no you can't have mine!!

My new toy from Shel-Shel

My new glasses

I like them

I love spending the afternoon with MJ

My new outfit from Mrs. Louise

Eating Marshmallows...not too sure

A #1 Cutie Patootie!

Watching TV

Holding my legs up all by myself! YAY!

Goofy Girl

Mommy and my amazing cousin, Chelsea

My new doll Mia and me

Watching Wow, Wow, Wubzy

Mommy calls me her muse, do you think that means I amuse her???

Staring her down!

Ha! You blinked and you lost, Mommy!

Pretty as a Princess

Meeting Aliza at Young's

Ewwww, Goat spit