3 Years Old
Page 3

Our Family
November 2007


Smile, Daddy!

Beautiful little angel...
I've got them all fooled!


Me in the circus? Hmmm

Aren't we beautiful?

I'm starting to like this standing thing

Reindeer Leah

I love Christmas

Decorating the tree


My presents from Secret Santa Skylar E

Mama and her cutest girl

What do you mean no presents today???

Dreaming of my sweetheart, Ethan T

Who IS this very scary man???

Yeah, I'm not very sure about this Santa Claus person

Me, Santa Claus, and my cousins Chelsea, Lily and Andrew

Mommy, Aunt Laura, and me

I love Tinkerbell PJ's

What is it, what is it?

I love presents!

Daddy, your so goofy

Look at all my wonderful Christmas gifts!