4 Years Old
FSMA 2009 Conference


Holding hands with Roman

I'm really trying to steal his balloons

That is my devilish grin

Hanging out with Veronica

I got a strike!!

Dani being a jokester!!

Do you like my new glasses

Saying hi to Madison

Mommy, you look silly

Smiling with daddy

My new main man, Landon

Landon with his mommy and daddy

My friends, Brenda, MJ, & Kate

Time for bed, or that is what mommy says

We are so beautiful!!

Goodbye Ally

Ally and her mommy

See you soon MJ

Goodbye Lizzy

Talking to Julia

Meeting Addison

Chloe and I love our bling...

Saying goodbye to Emma and Nick

I love you Landon

Karah is trying to steal my man, Landon

Stella and I having fun