4 Years Old


Mrs. Louise enjoying the air show!!

We are the coolest family!

Eli with his Frankenstein ear plugs

The air show!

We sure love the planes


On the go again!

At the Cinci Zoo for another adventure

Look at the wild animals

Feeding the birds with Meemaw or are the birds eating Meemaw

It's a Smiley Tiger

Eli the Turtle

Laura and Will

Leah and Will

Leah Jean

Randi and baby Isabella

Momma and I

Meemaw and all her grandkids

Holding Isabella

Momma and I again, aren't we beautiful

The Princess is here

Crazy Aunt Laura

Is it an alligator...

or is it an elephant...

Or maybe a lion...

Nope, it is a grouchy me because I want them all!

Dragon Will