4 Years Old
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Moo, you kiss it Momma

I'll look but don't make me touch it

That is one ugly bird

Can I get a pumpkin?


After this, then can I get a pumpkin?

I'll kiss this cow, only if I can get a pumpkin

Momma & her little punkin!

Thanks MeeMaw! You never forget me

See, MeeMaw sent me these pretty flowers and balloons

Just like the day I was born

My cupcake

No! It can't be over! I want to party more.

Let's keep partying!

Decked out in bling from Lizzy

I love to be Fancy

Lizzy got me loving Fancy Nancy

I'm a little Monkey

Squeezes for Momma before bed

I know, I know, I Rock! MJ & Brenda know me too well.

Pink hair from MJ & Brenda and a T-shirt from MJ's Dad!

A smile that can brighten even the darkest days

Frog jammies from Nan make me think of my boyfriend, Skylar