4 Years Old
Page 5
Halloween 2008


All grown up

Eww, Amy, it feels so gross

Making it pretty

My pretty new shirt from Amanda, Bo, & Jeff

My pretty pumpkin

New clothes from B & Phillip

Carving a pumpkin with Papi

We're ready!

eeeewwwwww!, I forgot how bad these things smell! PEE-U-WEE!

Glad that we are done with that

Carving with Papi

Papi, you forgot something!

Much better!

Our family with Jack

We're off to see the wizard

Tinman Will

Don't get more candy than me, Will

We like him!

Me, Andrew, Lily, & Chelsea

Why is he in MY picture

Much better

That is good but I think you can you can take a better one

Mom & Dorothy!

Grandma and her faves!

The Halloween gang

That was a great night!