5 Years Old
Page 11


I'll have a stack of Eli-Leah, please

"Say what???"

We all have Build a Bear's


Feeding the ducks

My fairy-tale bow from Gina and Larkin

I'm holding hands with Roman

Roman is too cute

I'm not that much older than he is...

See how cute he is...

Hanging out with MJ

We are so gorgeous

Leah is here and ready to walk and roll

Part of my team

More of Team Leah

Meeting old and new members

Don't leave me Roman

MJ makes me laugh all the time

Look what I won...a Build a Bear Party

Team Leah

I love Princess Tiana

Guess what I'm up to?

Just gotta wear shades - love my new shirt

Hanging with Eli

Having some quiet time

Hamming it up with mommy

Happy Mother's Day

Sitting up tall

I'm just peachy...just read the shirt

No slobbery kisses this time, Eli

Hangin with pops

Time to plant the flowers

Surrounded by flowers