5 Years Old
Page 13


Just call me Miss Thing

Meeting mom's old friend

Feeding the goats

My hair is not your lunch

Ewwwww, STOP!

Dream Night at the Zoo

I am petting the opossum

Not too impressed with the frog

The elephant exhibit

My favorite part of the zoo

Roar!!  Being attacked

Mom and Dad

I'm ready to ride

together with the kangaroos


Mom's favorite picture

Night at the Zoo

My new glasses

Mommy and I

I love my new shirt

Happy Pop's Day

Watch out world, I'm getting my power on

My new hat and bow

My new glasses are not quite purple, I think the company is color blind???

goofing around with mommy

My new wedge pillow

Lost tooth #8

Hanging with Chelsea and mommy

Girls just wanna have fun

Oh no, here comes Eli....

Eli's got Chelsea's hat

My new bracelets

Eli's got my belly

Happy Birthday Bella

Sam, Randi, & Bella

My new summer outfit