5 Years Old
Page 16


Mom's family

Happy Birthday mom

Mom said she baked her own cake

Or Aunt Laura baked it...

Or did Eli bake it...

Eli just wants to eat it

I want some cake too, so who cares who baked it

Mom and grandpa

I've got power so watch out world

Are you about done yet?

Come on lady, turn me on

Why do you keep touching me?

No, I am not done yet

Isabella loves the toy I gave her

I got a tattoo

Hugs from daddy

I got my own brutus

Mom made me wear it...

We both want to be the center of attention

I lost my 10th tooth but at least my big teeth are coming back in

Smiling with mommy

having fun with my cousins

My cousins have Larkie Lu bows too

Just call him Pedro, not Andrew

My ice cream bow

Balloon Release for SMA

Look at all the SMA Balloons

A new tiara

Our candle at Miracles and Madness Event

Grumpy me meeting Jacob G

Jacob G

My mom and Jacob's mom, Jen

Holding hands with Roman

Don't make me hold hands...

Oh wait, it's Roman! I love him!

I took a picture of MJ and Brenda

My new friends,
Blake, MJ, Roman, and Nolan

Bracelets from Jacob

SMA Candlelighting with Chelsea

Saying a prayer

Candles with Lily and Andrew

Andrew wearing dad's boots...he's so silly

Swimming with Lily

We are happy swimmers

I need some Chicken Poop!