5 Years Old
Page 5


Roman and Karah

MJ, Dani, & Chase

Dani and I

Princess Leahrella

My family at the Skate Party

Time for Trick or Treating

Princess Leah-Aurora and Monkey Eli

Just give me the candy and no one will get hurt

Trick or Treating with dad

with Mrs. Louise

happy Eli

Love the spider

Bella buttercup

Frank, Eli, Shane, and Laura

My family and Frank

Grandma, Randi, with the kids

Me with my buttercup

Mommy and I

Dad has baby Bella

Hanging out with Aunt Laura

Happy Bella

Mom says I her "toothless beans"

At A Kid Again Festival with dad

I am Princess Leah-Aurora

Talking with dad

Playing games

Mommy and I

Waiting for my balloon poodle

Having fun

Family Fun Times

Heading home after a fun day

My tooth fairy gifts

Girls Night Out

Chelsea and I

Just call me Miss Toothless

I luv my cuz, Chelsea