6 Years Old Pictures
Page 12


My friend, Brooklyn

Nurse Christie had fun

My friend, David

Tatum helping me show off my certificate

My friend, Brady

Our last field trip as Kindergartners to Young's Dairy

Well? Are you going to milk him, Mom?

What now?

On the hay ride

It took 4 people but I am finally on the hay ride

Getting my certificate

So happy and proud

Posing with Ms. Ohio at Dream Nights

Thanks Katie! I love my face paint

Ummm, what is it?

Tommy C Turtle

Mrs. Lazoo

Mom & I

Mom loves this quote

Five special projects

Making the projects

Happy Father's Day, Pops!

Hanging with Aunt Laura

Eli & I

Happy Birthday Bella Butter

Bella & her Daddy

New shirt from Mrs. Louise