6 Years Old Pictures
Page 14


New Alien glasses

Petting Mitch, the snake

With MJ


Sea turtle


Beautiful Butterfly

Mr. Cool, Roman

Got my bling

Susie & Roman

We always have fun with MJ & Brenda

With Catherine


Sweet & Sassy Princess Sophia

Millers & the Gaynors

& our friend, Michelle

Bye Sophia, it was great to meet you

Hanging with Madison

SMA Family Weekend was a Blast! Watch a video of our amazing weekend by
Clicking Here

Enjoying a summer night on the patio


Ginny's Birthday

Leah, WAKE UP!

Rocker Chick

My Cuzins ;)

Lily & Chelsea

We saw the Smurfs and I LOVED it

Went for a walk

Lee Ann's Dairy Delight raising money for SMA

Thanks for coming, Holly and friends

Grandma, I'll have one of everything, please

Thanks for coming, Brown family

Thanks for coming, Tara for Jeremy

I think grandma O.D.'d on ice cream